Berlin Picture Postcard with the Bear!

Hopefully all of you got to know the Berlin Bear, our most likable cities emblem. Here you can watch him visiting the top twenty sights of the German Capital City. Tricky painter and photo-artist TUKUYU joined his cuddly friend on an extensive Berlin tour. TUKUYU later painted all the funny poses of his animal fellow and collaged him in the world-famous Berlin scenes. Have a look at this miracle imagery.

Picture Postcard has now launched twenty brand new Berlin-Bear-Postcards for you. A full set of 20 unique postcards comes along with an additional front and backside card: all together 22 pieces. Imagine so much authentic Berlin in one pack of postcards. That the smartest and most charming souvenir from town. That`s BÄRLIN! Please spread it all over the world.

Also the making of the postcards is the best. Rich colour offset-print with a long lasting glossy UV-varnish. Made in Kreuzberg, Berlin!

On each backside you will find a short information on the pictured monument, such as the name of the architect and the year of completion.